(CNN) -- Certain products are definitely OK to rent. Like a car. Or a tuxedo. Or the cheapest room at a Motel 6 when you find yourself strolling down I-85 at midnight with no pants.

Things are weird at home.
But a Los Angeles-based company caught the internet's attention this week for renting something completely unexpected: wives.

Yes, the Rent-a-Wife might just be as horribly misogynistic as it sounds. Because it's pretty much what you think it is: a housekeeping and odd jobs service where renters can choose a "wife" from three pricing tiers, ranging from the Starter Wife to the Good Wife to the Trophy Wife.
The company's founder, Juliette Bresnahan, says most of her clients are actually women. So, who the hell knows?
What really matters is that, clearly, if you just surf the Web long enough, you'll find lots of really weird stuff you can rent.


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