Pressures to free up mental health beds may be leaving vulnerable people at risk, says a watchdog.
Prince Charles is to meet Gerry Adams in Galway on Tuesday, in what will be a historic meeting for the British Royal Family and Sinn Féin.
North Korea's leader has slammed the "incompetence and irresponsible work style" of managers of a terrapin farm for multiple failures, including their inability to breed lobsters, state media reports.
Cell phone use at playgrounds is a significant source of parental guilt, research shows. The study also noted that caregivers absorbed in their phones ignored children's requests for attention more than half the time.
A patch of gold, just a few centimeters wide and light as a feather, could reveal your innermost thoughts and feelings.
The roll-out of Inmarsat's Global Xpress network, the UK's biggest commercial space venture, is facing several months of delay because of a Russian rocket failure.
British astronaut Tim Peake invites schoolchildren to help him in an experiment to learn more about how to grow food in space.
US President Barack Obama has just launched his own Twitter feed, the White House has confirmed.
Seven songs dropped from the musical My Fair Lady will be heard in public for the first time in almost 60 years when they are performed later.
NCI recently announced that it had removed all PSA data from the SEER and SEER-Medicare programs. The data were removed after quality control checks revealed that a substantial number of PSA values were incorrect. Urologists explore the ramifications of the removal of these data for researchers, ...
The results of a new study have shown that microclinics cut in half the normal rate of disengagement from care, which was defined as missing a clinic appointment by 90 days or more, when compared to the control group, and reduced the perceived stigma of HIV by 25 percent within the larger community.
Boys who smoke marijuana go through puberty earlier but grow more slowly than those who have never smoked the drug according to a new study.
Despite high levels of sunshine, low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy are common in Mediterranean women according to a new study. This finding should help lower the prevalence of early childhood diseases associated with Vitamin D deficiency such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, disorder...
Scientists have figured out how to brew morphine using the same kit used to make beer at home.
Jordan executes two convicted prisoners, including a female jihadist, following the killing of one its pilots by Islamic State (IS) militants.